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The ketamine infusions have changed my life. I’m extremely treatment resistant in regards to my depression and anxiety, and this is the only thing that has worked long-term to keep me fully functional and happy!

Summer C.

MAC has always done a great job helping me feel comfortable and safe during my infusions. I go here for ketamine infusions to treat depression and anxiety. The rooms are clean, the staff is friendly, and the doctors always take what I am saying seriously. I can’t speak about pain treatment, but they have quite literally saved my life from mental illness. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Andy H.

I was a little nervous about the procedure but the nurse and doctor providing my care were amazing. They both made feel very comfortable and the procedure went very well. Their number one priority is the well-being of the patient. These are truly great professional people. I would recommend them to anyone.

Greg H.

Extremely professional with great compassion and very sensitive to individual need! I wouldn’t even think of using another provider!

Diane M.

I have always received excellent care from this group!  Their expertise backed by such compassion is something I am truly grateful to have!

Staci R.