What is the history of the Mobile Anesthesia Care Team?

The MAC Team, founded in 2012, was formed by board-certified physician anesthesiologists who had fifteen to twenty-five years of experience in the operating room. Many had early careers in the United States military with related expertise that enhanced the level of care provided by MAC. Since that time, the MAC Team has further expanded our expertise by building a team consisting of high quality, sub-specialty registered nurses, and support staff. At this time MAC is averaging over 2,000 anesthetics for adult and pediatric surgeries/procedures annually.  We provide services for dentists, oral surgeons, surgeons, psychiatrists, pharmaceutical research companies and other entities.

How did Office-based Surgery/Anesthesia evolve?

In generations past, the vast majority of surgeries were performed in hospitals. However, in the 1970’s advances in techniques, monitors, and safety allowed many cases, on relatively healthy patients and for selective surgeries, to be performed in freestanding ambulatory surgical centers. In surgicenters, patients could have certain procedures performed on an outpatient basis instead of remaining overnight in the hospital for observation. In the late 1990’s, further advancements allowed for more selective cases to be performed in “Procedure Center” and “Office Based” environments. According to the American Hospital Association, approximately ten million surgical procedures, representing seventeen percent of all surgeries in the United States, were performed in doctors’ offices in 2005, and this number is steadily increasing.