Prior to the scheduled day of your procedure, you will be contacted by our team to review your medical history and receive instructions. The instructions will include arrival time and times to discontinue eating and drinking. These instructions are very important.

1. When you arrive at your dentist’s office, we will greet you and your child and take vital signs. We do our best to create a friendly, comfortable environment.

2. We will review your child’s medical history and explain the anesthetic procedure. Most children are more comfortable sitting in their parents’ lap as a sedative injection is given (some children are able to tolerate an IV awake with their parents and do not require sedation).

3. When the patient is nicely sedated, we then separate from the parents and move to the procedure room where an IV is started.

4. General anesthesia is induced through the IV and a breathing tube is placed. We monitor all the same vital signs during the dental procedure as are monitored in an operating room in a hospital or surgery center.

5. The breathing tube is removed at the end of the procedure and the child is monitored as they emerge from anesthesia. Parents are allowed to hold the child once their vital signs are stable. They are often sleepy and parents should plan for a restful day following the procedure.

6. Parents will be counseled prior to discharge for any specific instructions about activity and eating and drinking.