Your child will need a parent or legal guardian to bring them the day of the procedure and remain present in the facility throughout the procedure. In addition, our team will provide important anesthesia information, answer questions and obtain a written consent from the legal guardian present.

You should not plan to send your child to school/daycare prior to the procedure to allow for close monitoring of the required eating and drinking instructions.

We recommend dressing your child comfortably and bringing an extra change of clothes. If your child is currently potty training, we also recommend bringing or putting them in a pull-up for the procedure. Feel free to bring any favorite items (blanket, stuffed animal, electronic devices) that may help distract or soothe them. 

For your child’s safety and to avoid risk of surgery cancellation, we’ll ask that you strictly follow the specific eating and drinking times provided to you during the pre-op phone call. General guidelines are as follows: 

• No food, milk, broth, or orange juice after midnight.
• Only clear liquids: Gatorade, water, or apple juice up to 3 hours prior to arrival.
• Nothing by mouth (including gum or candy), 3 hours prior to arrival. 

Keeping children hydrated is helpful and improves patient comfort on the day of the procedure. Popsicles and jello (without additives like fruit or other solids) can be satisfying and are still considered clear liquids. Pudding is a solid.

Specific instructions regarding medications will be discussed at the time of the pre-op call. Please inform our team of any regular or as needed medication currently being take. Medication timing may need to be altered to adhere to the eating and drinking restrictions prior to the procedure. If your child takes medications that need to be mixed with foods such as apple sauce, or pudding, please make the MAC team aware so specific guidance may be provided.



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