What is your “To Do List” before surgery?

You should expect a phone call from our preoperative team during the week prior to surgery. We will inquire about significant past medical history, surgeries, and family history that could be a factor in the care of you or your loved one. It will be helpful if you have a list of current medications, drug allergies, past hospitalizations, previous surgeries, and any other history of note which can be easily referenced during this phone call.

At the time of the phone call we will gather this information, answer your questions, and address any concerns you might have. You will be provided with specific instructions regarding eating and drinking prior to the procedure. It is crucial to follow these instructions exactly. The consent signature and a specific anesthetic plan will be finalized the day of the procedure when you speak directly with the anesthesiologist.

Upon arrival, you will have the opportunity to meet individually with the MAC nurse and anesthesiologist, as well as with your physician or dentist. During the procedure our patients are monitored to a standard equivalent to that available in a hospital setting as we travel fully equipped with the latest in modern technology. Our physician anesthesiologist will exclusively care for you or your child during the course of the procedure and general anesthetic, until care is transferred for the recovery period to the MAC subspecialty RN.

After the procedure is complete, we will allow family into the wake-up room at the earliest opportunity once the patient has met specific criteria. We know you want to be present to care for your loved one, and we will welcome and enjoy your assistance as soon as appropriate.