Mobile Anesthesia Care of Kansas City

What is OBA?

Office-based anesthesia (OBA) is a form of ambulatory anesthesia that has experienced exponential growth over the last two decades and is currently the fastest growing subspecialty of anesthesiology in the United States. With the advent of smaller, mobile monitoring devices and refined anesthetic techniques, select surgical procedures can be performed in the comfort and convenience of your office. Depending on the type of surgery, anesthesiologists from Mobile Anesthesia Care (MAC) tailor their anesthesia services to meet the needs of your patients.

OBA provides significant advantages to both patients and the medical team providing care. For selected patients and procedures, OBA provides increased patient satisfaction and a more cost-effective approach to medical care than a comparable hospital-based environment. These are just a few of the advantages fueling the rise in demand for office-based procedures.

Advantages of OBA

Provider Satisfaction

OBA provided by MAC creates several distinct advantages for your surgical practice:

  • Improve patient comfort and satisfaction; Increased acceptance of necessary treatment by patients as they can avoid an unfamiliar and potentially intimidating hospital environment
  • Care is provided by a small, select group of physician anesthesiologists and nurses in order to strengthen relationships and deliver continuity of care to you and your patients
  • By using anesthesia services offered by MAC, provide care in the familiarity of your own office, and increase efficiency by completing other tasks in between operative cases.
  • Increased flexibility and ease of scheduling procedures compared to hospital-based environments
  • MAC provides a “turn-key” anesthesiology service inclusive of all necessary medications, equipment, and personnel to deliver a safe and efficient service